Please note them in the space provided below and keep for future reference.

While toiling away at my no-thought-required job today, I found myself constructing a new universal rule for the effective ongoing maintenance of any rule of law, and envisioning the effects of its application to existing systems.

That is, I think I worked out a good way to create a government which at its core functions based on simple rules preventing the creation of complex rules and “red tape” which takes away the effectiveness and capabilities of said government.

The job of lawmakers and law-interpreters (the latter being the judicial system) would become simultaneously both more difficult and less specialized – it would be hard work to create and maintain laws under the envisioned system that would be suitable to a democratic state, but that work could be done by anyone of average or better intelligance without any prior understanding or established experience within the system.

Alas, it would require some sort of total revolution of the mind of the world to be created, or at the very least the overthrow of at least one whole nation, so I will not go into further detail here – I am not about to change the world’s mind (I can’t afford to overcome the existing propaganda machines), nor am I about to overthrow a country to prove a point. So. No brilliant idea for you.

Oh, yeah.

I also wrote a page quickly on a topic which can be summed up briefly as “al Queda and Osama Bin Laden are not terrorists” – I may work some more on that idea, since it may explain why the “war on terror” has not been focused on al Queda or similar groups.

But for now, sleep.